Among never-ending requirements imposed on Pharmaceutical Companies, Roadtex has positioned itself as the preferred industry leader for LTL shipping. Roadtex ships throughout the lower 48 states to ensure your product is delivered on time and damage free.

We are consistently delivering 98.5% on-time through our 32 terminals strategically located throughout the United States. Our goal is to partner with you to ensure the service to your customers is superior in the industry.

There are four goals our customers desire to accomplish:

  1. Streamlining distribution and transportation cost
  2. Decreasing the amount of inventory held
  3. Decreasing lead time on deliveries
  4. Ensuring on-time delivery

Roadtex has met these goals for many of our pharmaceutical customers.

Roadtex has been awarded vendor of the year at Wal-Mart in two categories: “Overall” and “Health and Beauty.” The partnerships between Roadtex and your teams have made awards like this possible.