Retail Consolidation


Retail Consolidation

Streamline Shipping to Retailers and Boost Your OTIF Score with Roadtex’s Retail Consolidation Solution

Leverage our strong retailer relationships, volume of suppliers, and logistics expertise to improve your on-time, in full performance

Roadtex aligns RAD and MABD requirements to ensure improved service and on-time performance

We measure success with results. Our retail consolidation program leverages our strong relationship with the largest retailers, excellent service record, and strategically placed temperature-controlled warehouses to ensure retailers’ most stringent delivery requirements are met, minimizing on-time, in full (OTIF) penalties.

An infographic explaining how Echo's consolidation program works.

How does retail consolidation work?

Having to fill other partial loads can cause delays due to multi-stop deliveries, as well as potential challenges from additional handling. With Roadtex’s retail consolidation program, multiple suppliers that ship to the same big box retailer are consolidated into the same load, resulting in less handling and more direct shipping which lowers the risk of damaged goods and associated costs.

Packaged shipments wrapped in plastic stacked on pallets waiting to be loaded onto a semi truck.
Close up of retailer accepting a shipment and writing on a clipboard.

What are the benefits of Roadtex’s retail consolidation program?

  • We align RAD and MABD requirements to ensure improved on-time, in full (OTIF) performance
  • Our expertise and service record result in improved OTIF scores for our suppliers
  • Product is consolidated and delivered directly from our strategically located warehouses, resulting in less handling of product
  • With fewer trucks on the road delivering to fewer facilities, this solution reduces the carbon footprint for both suppliers and retailers
  • We’re one of the only transportation providers of temperature-controlled retail consolidation, ensuring quality of your temperature-sensitive products throughout the shipment process

Trust the Retail Consolidation Experts

When navigating strict on-time, in full requirements, you need a transportation provider that understands and can navigate complex compliance requirements and retailer expectations. Our unparalleled service record, expertise aligning RAD and MABD requirements, network of strategically placed temperature-controlled warehouses, and established relationships with large retailers help streamline your shipping to retailers.

A Roadtex warehouse employee reviewing inventory in one of our FDA certified warehouses.