Vitamin Supplements & Nutraceutical Products

Roadtex has made a huge impact in the nutraceutical arena. Shipping through 32 terminals without sailing schedules allows us to deliver temperature-controlled shipments with an on-time percentage of 98.5%.

Because of our ability to make the delivery appointments as soon as we have the information on the order (ideally prior to picking up the freight) and the fact we never drop trailers in the customer’s facilities (all deliveries are a live unload), Roadtex is able to reduce the “noise” with deliveries and improve customer scorecards.

There are four goals our customers desire to accomplish:

  1. Streamlining distribution and transportation cost
  2. Decreasing the amount of inventory held
  3. Decreasing lead time on deliveries
  4. Ensuring on-time delivery

Roadtex has met these goals for many of our nutraceutical customers.