What temperature range does Roadtex ship?

Roadtex is a dry and temperature-controlled carrier. Our temperature-controlled service ranges from 50-65 degrees.

Does Roadtex utilize sailing schedules for temperature-controlled shipping?

No, Roadtex ships through our 32 temperature-controlled terminals without the use of sailing schedules. Thus, reducing your transit times and increasing on-time deliveries!

Does Roadtex ship frozen products?

Roadtex does not ship frozen products. We specialize in dry and temperature-controlled shipping (between the temperature range of 50 and 65 degrees).

Does Roadtex ship HAZMAT?

We do not handle any HAZMAT.

Does Roadtex ship wine/beer/alcohol?

No, Roadtex ships to all Mass Merchants in the US, but does not handle wine, beer or alcohol.

Does Roadtex ship into Canada?

Roadtex does not currently have service to and from Canada

Is Roadtex EDI capable?

Yes, Roadtex is highly technologically advanced in the transportation and warehousing arena. We encourage EDI to allow for increased efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

Does Roadtex hold freight to fill trailers?

No, Roadtex service is based on customer MABD or RAD delivery requirements. We do not hold or trap shipments that would cause delay in transit.

Does Roadtex offer additional savings on immediate freight payments?

Yes, Roadtex has a QPP (Quick Payment Program) available, please contact your CSR for further info.